Thursday, September 2, 2010


Alex standing in front of the truck that served us our plate lunch at the
Aloha party.

 Many of you know that my brothers and I live in three different states. What I think is the real beauty of family, the true blessing of love of family is no matter how often  or not we see each other when we're together it just feels natural, it's like we just saw each other yesterday. And our kids have and easy familiarity as do our spouses...
I've posted a lot of pictures and of course the common thread in them all is the family, showing us together...  I truly hope that somehow these pictures really convey to all of you who are reading this blog; those who weren't with us on the trip just how much we really enjoyed ourselves, and each other on our trip. Here are some pictures of just this and that, pictures I just felt like sharing today.

Syd & Alyssa
Bob, Bill and Matthew at the Aloha party.
Amanda with Syd and Alex at the hotel.

What is better than enjoying a cold beer on the beach.
Lets ask Denise.
Mom drinking a shot of Soju
Hey, she didn't spit it out..she chased it with a cold one!
What a mom!
Both Gerard's taking a snooze
Someone is a little tired after the hike....that's the hike in Kahana Valley
not the hike to the mall!
Lorena, Denise & Lisa enjoying a bit of vino
Do we look like tourists or what?
Beach day!
Chris & Nan
Denise and the kids enjoying a float at Ko Olina
Looks like a winning hand to me!
Sydney & me
Gerard, Sydney and Alex
Lisa and Chibe, I think!

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