Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where Heaven Meets Earth...

I gave the creation of this blog a bit of thought since you all may know that I feel like Facebook is a bit creepy that’s why I never respond to your invitations to join, sorry! But to tell you the truth, when we received the invitation to my nephew Chris's wedding in Hawaii I started to think this would really be fun to chronicle our trip in the form of a blog, the daily life, the parties, the beach trips, the shopping. the food...and of course the wedding. Hopefully I'll figure this blog thing out and the photos will be as entertaining as our stories. The invitation to the wedding said the reception would be held at an outdoor venue, it's a beach cove where heaven meets earth, that's what it said... Sounds awful nice doesn't it? I hope we keep you entertained and interested for the two weeks we're there.  

Monday, September 13, 2010

It Won't be Naked Night !!

I've been busying myself with things like my ensemble for the wedding in Hawaii. Finally after trying on way to many dresses I found the perfect one in Macy's the other day. Then I called my sister in law  Lisa to find out what Bill's should wear,  she explained to me her  father (Bob) could take the men to the commissary (he's retired Navy) to get Tommy Bahama Aloha shirts. Bill should just bring some nice slacks. What a relief, now we can go to the wedding with clothes on ( Bill's of course is disappointed it won't be naked night! )
I could now turn my attention to my brother Paul and his bacon. He loves that southern slab stuff with a zillion milligrams of sodium they sell in a sack so I'll got him a few slabs and contribute to the family blood pressure problems. All of you who know and love Paul will enjoy that he like the rest of us will retain water if he eats it, but he's still the same size; you heard me right...the same size! 
Me my needs run to the more practical, Valium and a good pillow to get me to Hawaii well rested, a well trained pilot to get me there in one piece and when i arrive there may be a cocktail in my future too!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My kids...My cats

The kids; Heather and Matthew have this running
joke that since the nest is now empty that they
have been replaced by the cats.
Linus, Cheetah and Tarzan are
"the kids" now. 
Matthew thinks they rule the roost. 

Cheetah & Tarzan

While we're away in Hawaii they have their own sitter. Our neighbor Rick. He's a great neighbor. Really who wouldn't want to take care of these guys?
Well, they used to be guys!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Breaking the bank

OK, so it's been more than a few years since I've been to Hawaii to visit Paul and Lisa. Actually Heather was pregnant with  my grandson Adam last time we were there with the five kids and he's in middle school now.The family went about six years ago but Bill and I stayed home with Aunt Winnie.  But really guys the airlines are out of control with the fee's. First off, when you pick the seats on the plane, if you want more leg room you have to pay $59.00 for it; you are actually pay for air.  I was talking to Denise my sister in law in NY and she mentioned how she was checking her and Gerard's baggage but the kids were carrying on because of the fees on Delta. So I checked with United and they charge $35.00 per bag and I believe if you violate the 50 lb limit the hit you with a $100 fee. Believe me when I tell you we paid plenty for the tickets to begin with, talk about breaking the bank. But it got me to wondering when is it that they'll start charging the passengers to use the bathrooms on the planes?? Really.....

Thursday, September 9, 2010


We arrived in Hawaii after what could only be described as a grueling trip. The Chicago to Honolulu leg is just minutes less than nine hours and it is not easy to say the least. Mom upgraded for extra leg room which was smart on her part, that left Bill and in the screaming children section of the 777. But who cares, we're in Hawaii!! Paul and Gerard met us at the airport and after the usual baggage, rental car nonsense we headed to the house.
Nan & Chris

I was greeted by my  loving family and "niece" Nan  the newest member of our family who is the best hugger and who has a wonderful smile. I was so pleased to get to bond with her over this very laptop as I introduced her 
to all of you thru the many photographs that I have saved in my picture files;
she was just thrilled. 
Some  pre -sister in law bonding
Alyssa & Nan

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This sure beats shopping!!

Yesterday we (me, Denise and my niece Alex) went shopping with our other sister in law Lisa and her mother FiFi so that they could pick out their dresses for the wedding. I doubt in all of my 25+ years I have ever spent so much time in a store looking for dresses, pulling from racks and helping with their selections,  helping in the try on rooms. That was just the dresses, remember the was a long day.
Today we went to Waimanalo  Bay IT SURE BEATS SHOPPING !! 
Here are some photo's I took of all who went...
Tonight...Italian Night in the LeClair kitchen.

Gerard & Denise

Paul & Bill enjoying an
adult beverage
On the road to Waimanalo Bay

Sydney & little Gerard

Monday, September 6, 2010


It's been a busy few days leading up to the wedding but I promise I’ll fill you in on all the details eventually. We attended  a cocktail party at Lisa’s friend Bonnie’s house, an Aloha party at Lisa’s friend Patti’s house and  we've been to the beach of course. Then we all spent a few days at a beautiful resort hotel and then attended the wedding on an adjoining property to that resort,WOW what a place! As you can imagine there was not time to post a blog entry…. there was way to much celebrating going on!

The ceremony site 
What are you doing today Chris?
"I'm getting married"
So here goes, I’ll start with the wedding first since that’s obviously the best part. It was wonderful, beautiful and a perfect day. I’m not going to say another word; I’ll just let the pictures tell the story.

Nan and Byung  (father)

Paul and Lisa

Chris  and Ogja ( mother in law)

Chris and Nan LeClair
Tim their pastor

David (best man) and brides sister PoPo (maid of honor)


Alyssa and I were just talking about what should be our next post, and being that great minds think alike we thought we'd just put some pictures of the wedding and show how we all looked.

Chris, Alyssa  and Paul
Mom wearing a beautiful ginger lei watching Chris and Nan get
Nan, dancing in the rain, at the reception.

Jen, Bill and Matt
Family and friends gathering before the ceremony.
Gerard, Sydney,Matthew, me & Christian
enjoying the reception
Gerard, Denise, Sydney, Gerard and Alex
I make you lamb!!!
Gerard and the kids
funny cousins!
Paul and the Gerard's
Denise and Gerard
Bill and Mom being serenaded by Puamana
Hawaiian trio
That's not Grandma's boyfriend he's the best man!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


The joining of two people who are in love, surrounded by the people who they love, who love a setting like this; can there ever be to much wedding?                                                   

The beautiful view from the wedding site.

Thank goodness for Denise and her camera, since someone (that would be me) had a few to many Mai Tai's at the wedding. Here are some more pictures most of which she took at the wedding, enjoy.       

         Here they are......

Chris & Nan's first dance
the happy couple
wedding cake
The traditional cake cutting

Now here's the rest of us!
Lisa dancing the night away!
Patti dancing with Gerard
Mom and Gerard
Wow, how good is the food!
Look no hands!
Denise & Jen
Denise & Gerard
Hello Kenneth

My beautiful nieces
Paul & Gerard