Monday, September 6, 2010


Alyssa and I were just talking about what should be our next post, and being that great minds think alike we thought we'd just put some pictures of the wedding and show how we all looked.

Chris, Alyssa  and Paul
Mom wearing a beautiful ginger lei watching Chris and Nan get
Nan, dancing in the rain, at the reception.

Jen, Bill and Matt
Family and friends gathering before the ceremony.
Gerard, Sydney,Matthew, me & Christian
enjoying the reception
Gerard, Denise, Sydney, Gerard and Alex
I make you lamb!!!
Gerard and the kids
funny cousins!
Paul and the Gerard's
Denise and Gerard
Bill and Mom being serenaded by Puamana
Hawaiian trio
That's not Grandma's boyfriend he's the best man!

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Anonymous said...

You all look great. What a wedding, that's where we want to do it the 2nd time for our 25th tell Lisa and Paul to start planning it for us!!! Nick and Jo