Monday, September 13, 2010

It Won't be Naked Night !!

I've been busying myself with things like my ensemble for the wedding in Hawaii. Finally after trying on way to many dresses I found the perfect one in Macy's the other day. Then I called my sister in law  Lisa to find out what Bill's should wear,  she explained to me her  father (Bob) could take the men to the commissary (he's retired Navy) to get Tommy Bahama Aloha shirts. Bill should just bring some nice slacks. What a relief, now we can go to the wedding with clothes on ( Bill's of course is disappointed it won't be naked night! )
I could now turn my attention to my brother Paul and his bacon. He loves that southern slab stuff with a zillion milligrams of sodium they sell in a sack so I'll got him a few slabs and contribute to the family blood pressure problems. All of you who know and love Paul will enjoy that he like the rest of us will retain water if he eats it, but he's still the same size; you heard me right...the same size! 
Me my needs run to the more practical, Valium and a good pillow to get me to Hawaii well rested, a well trained pilot to get me there in one piece and when i arrive there may be a cocktail in my future too!

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Becky said...

I have found the blog and I'LL BE BACK!! So glad you got the clothes thing figured out ... I wish you a smooth flight with a sober pilot!