Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Aloha party family picture

 I think I can speak for all of the family when I say that one of the things that we truly enjoyed about our time in Hawaii was meeting Nan and her family who traveled all the way from Korea for the wedding. Her parents, aunties, grandmother, both sisters and sister’s fiancée brought beautiful gifts for all of us, traditional Korean  clothing which they had made especially for Paul, Lisa  the girls as well as Bob and FiFi which is called a hanbok. And beautiful quilts for Mom, Bill, Gerard & Denise, Bill & I, to tell you the truth they speak very few words of English except for Nan who is fluent, but we got by all the same they're good and generous people . The Aunties like to dance and the parents are a lovely traditional couple.Oh and there's this drink, which we might have had some of UH!! Its called soju its Korean vodka just sweetened a bit.
Here are some pictures.....

Nan's family the day they arrived
Nan's Auntie dancing with Lisa and Fi Fi

The happy couple,Mother, Grandma and the aunties

Nan, Chris and her parents

Lisa, FiFi and the girls 
Paul, Lisa, Bob, FiFi, Amanda & Alyssa

Nan in her beautiful hanbok
Mom & Lisa
Paul & Lisa
The nieces rockin their hanboks
What does Amanda wear under her hanbok?
The King and ...oh that 's right it's Bob!!
dancing, singing auntie

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