Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Kahana Valley

Paul organized a large family hike in Kahana Valley; pretty much everyone went. There were a few dirty stay outs, me, Bill, Alyssa, Lisa and Mom. But from what I understand there were twenty three people including our family and some friends braving the mosquitoes and the ferns that scratch your legs. Matthew says it was like Jungle book without all the animals. Denise found out she's  afraid of heights, something she learned as she was clawing the side of a cliff.... sounds fun HUH!  Look at the pictures see what you think. Everyone felt like they climbed a mountain, which they did (kinda) the point being that they did it together. They had a blast.... a few scratches, a few mosquito bites, good times, good memories for everyone who went.
Alex in a WW ll bunker
dip anyone?
Chris & Nan
Amanda & Sydney
Super Hikers
The gang on the trail
The Gerard's


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun. Nick and Jo

Anonymous said...

Wow it looks amazing there. I'm trying to picture my sister hiking in flip flops..I don't remember seeing any sneakers in that luggage..ha ha. Maybe someday we can all be together in Hawaii!!! Love you ---Danielle

jen said...

Your sisters long toes came in handy...
No really she got a loner pair of sneakers
from Alyssa.

Anonymous said...

Your right Jen she was probably able to grab on to the tree roots with those toes. Nick