Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Pipeline beach

look no fish!!

When I was 19 I took a trip to Hawaii. Today I visited the very first beach I swam in all those years ago; it was virtually in the back yard of the house that Paul rented at the time. That house is old and run down but the beach is the same, as beautiful as I remember it 32 years ago.We went today, The Le Clair's Gerard and gang , Matthew and me.  I remember Paul walking me down to the beach the day I arrived and diving into the strong surf, surfacing and being surprised at how different it was from Long Beach. Then the second wave came at me and a large school of fish dove out of the wave and the fish were slapping all over my body. Paul told me tonight, I ran from the water and told him " I'm not swimming here there's fish in there"!

relaxing after a swim


Anonymous said...

Julia wants to know if Alex caught any fish.

jen said...

Alex says to tell Julia she checked her suit when she got out of the water and there were no fish in there!!